Fixing Gawk's configure bugs

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Sun Apr 29 06:39:56 PDT 2007

Hi guys.

I'm trying to understand what's causing Gawk's configure script to think that 
we don't have LANGINFO_CODESET or LC_MESSAGES (currently worked around by 
hacking config.h manually). calls AM_GNU_GETTEXT with an 'external' parameter.  This appears 
to have the effect of preventing AM_INTL_SUBDIR from being called, which 
would call AM_LANGINFO_CODESET and gt_LC_MESSAGES, which would set 

I think this might actually come down to a bug in the version of gettext that 
was used when Gawk was packaged.  Here's the test that sets gt_included_intl, 
which ultimately causes AM_GNU_GETTEXT not to be called:

define([gt_included_intl], ifelse([$1], [external], [no], [yes]))

In gettext-0.16.1 this has been changed to:

define([gt_included_intl], ifelse([$1], [external], ifdef([AM_GNU_GETTEXT_]
[INTL_SUBDIR], [yes], [no]), [yes]))

Could someone with more autotools knowledge than myself (not hard!) confirm my 
analysis is correct?  If so, is it likely that repackaging Gawk against 
Gettext-0.16.1 will fix the problems we're seeing?



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