LFS powering the Web...well in a manner of speaking

Steve Prior sprior at geekster.com
Sat Apr 28 16:21:10 PDT 2007

Gerard Beekmans wrote:

> LFS will be ultimately in charge of powering this conference. Not many are
> actually aware of this fact. The ISP that is providing the Internet
> connection is powered by LFS routers, mail servers, etc. The local on-site
> router for this conference is an LFS one as well. The box is sitting next
> to me, waiting to be deployed in a few days.
> I always said, year ago, LFS will one day take over the world ;) This is
> how it's gonna start. Start with the WWW guys themselves and go from there.
> Anyways, thought you guys might like to hear about that bit of news.

Very cool news.  It's been hard to judge the popularity of LFS, everyone 
I know that's ever heard of it knows about it from me telling them. 
Though it does appear on the Linux Distro timeline at:



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