Google AdSense

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Fri Apr 27 12:28:11 PDT 2007

> What costs do the project create a month? Can you provide us a rough
> value?

Contact me off-list. It's not a secret but I rather not send financial data over a mailing list.

> Well, you dont put the ads in the online-book(s) itself, right? Everywhere
> else is ok for my opinion.

That's right, they won't show up in the online books. Purely the website.
> Btw, dont be afraid of the ads Google will place the first days.  It will
> adjusted in a very good way so the ads will relate to the site than.

Some tweaking will be done over time. For instance the first day or so there were a bunch of microsoft ads that showed up (you know the ones i'm sure - the anti-linux propaganda ads). Google lets you add domain names to filter out (they call it the Competitor's Ad Filter) so along with that we'll be sure not to get the ads we don't care for.


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