Google AdSense

Thomas Trepl ttrepl at
Fri Apr 27 09:41:46 PDT 2007


On Wednesday 25 April 2007 22:09, Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> Things have come to a point where some additional revenue sources will be
> very helpful. Donations still trickle in at time but it's not even remotely
> close to being able to cover the recurring bills with.
What costs do the project create a month? Can you provide us a rough value?
> I've been looking at google adsense for the last little while and it seems
> decent enough. I have no idea what to expect revenue wise but seeing it's
> free to use, it's worth a shot.
> Besides the fact that ads are evil and all that, can anybody offer up a
> good reason not to pursue this?
I dont think they are that evil if they will be place in a conservative way. 
But the cheque coming in from time to time is quite nice to have.
> To clarify: I'm not going to allow the LFS sites to become riddled with
> banners and ads. The google adsense ads aren't that intrusive when done
> right. I'm certainly not going a design route where the primary content is
> ads and you have to really dig around to find any actual LFS information.
> The easiest place to put the ad code is in /common/header.html which means
> every page on (ie: all subprojectst too) receive
> get the google ads on it. If this is going to cause an outcry, let's
> discuss.
Well, you dont put the ads in the online-book(s) itself, right? Everywhere 
else is ok for my opinion.

Btw, dont be afraid of the ads Google will place the first days.  It will 
adjusted in a very good way so the ads will relate to the site than.


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