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Randy McMurchy randy at
Wed Apr 25 13:43:58 PDT 2007

Gerard Beekmans wrote these words on 04/25/07 15:09 CST:

> The easiest place to put the ad code is in /common/header.html which means every
> page on (ie: all subprojectst too) receive get the
> google ads on it.


> If this is going to cause an outcry, let's discuss.

And what about printed books?

However, before any decision is made, it is only fair to the community
that you outline what the current costs are to run LFS. You should give
the community an opportunity to see if funding can't come from some
other avenue than littering every page with ads. I loathe SourceForge,
and won't go there unless I must to check package versions. Even then,
I can't stand it.

Please don't let LFS become like this where every page has an ad.


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