Marty _ helloncomputer at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 25 04:07:44 PDT 2007

You guys who are installing HLFS and having problems installing Xorg, the 
problem lies with the drivers not being assoicated with the correct 
libraries. Install 7.1 from the BLFS install and re-install the vesa drivers 
and re-run the LAST (gcc -shared ....) command before running make install 
with -l(the libraries found in /usr/X11R{6,7}/lib/X11/modules/.... ) you 
should be including -lshadowfb and a bunch of others.

The developers might want to take note of this too, as to why required 
libraries aren't being linked properly.

This is the early april edition of HLFS, it may not apply to the latest one, 
but you might wish to take note of it.

BTW I have enlightenment working with HLFS, so that means this is all 
possible. I'll post a guide on how to do it when I have more free time. I 
just know there are going to be other people in this boat I was once in.

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