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> And I do call it an optimization, simply because it makes stuff run
> faster.  That's what an optimization does.  The fact that gcc by 
> default
> now uses -O1 or -O2 (I think -O1) doesn't really mean that -O1 isn't 
> an
>optimization -- any level (other than -O0) is an optimization.  All the
> levels are supposed to make your program run faster.

> The fact that *SUPPORT* for --hash-style is going to become standard
> doesn't really affect anything, either, because the standard 
> hash-style
> (as far as I know) is *not* going to change to gnu.  You will have to
> give ld an option to make it use the gnu hash style.  Therefore, when
> linking a particular library or binary, it will always be an option to
> use it or not.

Hi Bryan.

Maybe I expressed in a wrong way.

Literally speaking *is* an optimization, what I meant was that probably 
gcc-4.3.0 will use it by default and in this sense I said I don't call 
it an optimization; really it will become (at least it seems so) a 
default optimization.

Anyway if one wishes to use the "old" style it's simple as passing 
"hash-style=sysv", which is passed to the linker or "both" to have code 
supporting the two styles.

I built succesfully LFS-6.2 from Fedora Core 6/Fedora 7 hosts without 
using the -B option.


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