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Mon Apr 23 04:15:34 PDT 2007

Luca2 wrote:
>> This is an optimization, and it should remain optional.
> I don't call it an optimization because it is going to become the 
> standard way.

And I do call it an optimization, simply because it makes stuff run
faster.  That's what an optimization does.  The fact that gcc by default
now uses -O1 or -O2 (I think -O1) doesn't really mean that -O1 isn't an
optimization -- any level (other than -O0) is an optimization.  All the
levels are supposed to make your program run faster.

The fact that *SUPPORT* for --hash-style is going to become standard
doesn't really affect anything, either, because the standard hash-style
(as far as I know) is *not* going to change to gnu.  You will have to
give ld an option to make it use the gnu hash style.  Therefore, when
linking a particular library or binary, it will always be an option to
use it or not.

(Unless you use a gcc whose specs file turns it on for you by default.
Even then, you still need to provide the option, it's just that the gcc
driver program does it for you.)

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