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> Every package builds and runs perfectly fine without this option. This 
> option
> is known to not work with a handfull of packages (dietlibc, padico, 
> wine,
> nvidia glx, probably more). Building a program with this option will 
> mean the
> program will not run on older Glibc versions.

> This is an optimization, and it should remain optional.

Hi Robert.

I compiled succesfully all LFS/BLFS plus all additional/optional 
dependencies troubless using the new-hash style and gcc-4.3.0-svn.
About NVIDIA Glx: I have a NVIDIA video card so I downloaded their 
latest beta package, chose to extract only, modified paths to use 
/usr/X11R7 hierarchy and built the module manually and it compiled 
succesfully and works; I had only a problem months ago with a beta 
version which didn't compile using gcc-4.1.1.
About Wine: I compiled succesfully latest version using hash style.
Surely programs will not run on older Glibc versions but at the same 
time there some updated packages breaking compatibily with older 

I don't call it an optimization because it is going to become the 
standard way.

Anyway thanks for the answer.


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