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> > This belongs in a hint. No one "needs" to use hash-style=gnu. Adding
> > it to LFS
> > goes against the spirit of LFS.
> Hi Robert.
> Can you please explain me what is the evidence to say presumptively no
> one needs it?

Every package builds and runs perfectly fine without this option. This option 
is known to not work with a handfull of packages (dietlibc, padico, wine, 
nvidia glx, probably more). Building a program with this option will mean the 
program will not run on older Glibc versions.

This is an optimization, and it should remain optional.

> It goes against the spirit of LFS? So? Not all changes are negative.

LFS generally avoids using patches that will never be accepted upstream, 
especially for unnecessary features.

There are thousands of great features that can be utilized. LFS creates a 
skeleton system. Choosing what to add is up to you.

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