Little note on psmisc

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Sat Apr 21 13:44:55 PDT 2007

On Saturday 21 April 2007 21:20, Chris Staub wrote:
> Tijnema ! wrote:
> >
> > Look a little bit higher on that page. Until you see: Installed programs:
> > fuser, killall, pstree, and pstree.x11 (link to pstree)
> Ah, I see (and forwarding this message to the correct list.

Thanks.  Also note that the new version of psmisc has another new binary, 

> > In THAT list, there's no oldfuser. :)
> >
> > And while you're fixing, 2 other notes:
> > genl is installed by IPRoute, but not in the list
> Hmm, looks like a new program...didn't exist at the time of LFS 6.2.
> > libvolume_id is installed by udev, but not in the list
> Yup, Udev needs a list of installed libraries.

Yeah, I really need to get around to sorting out a file-logging patch for 
jhalfs so I can track things like this when I carry out package upgrades.  My 
old scripts used to do this, so I'll see about porting my scriptlet over to 
jhalfs so this doesn't happen quite as often in the future.



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