Matthew Burgess matthew at
Sat Apr 21 01:23:28 PDT 2007

On Saturday 21 April 2007 07:33, Luca2 wrote:
> Hi Matthew and Dan!
> The new "HASH" code should have been already pushed in current svn FSF
> binutils.

So, we'll pick it up when the maintainers make a new release.

> Anyway I took it as an example; months ago I used other file-systems
> requiring other bare system packages as example but there's XEN too and
> these are bare system features.
> My opinion is that steps towards future are needed or at least LFS
> should give the user the chance to decide.

See 1.5.1:

"Deviating from this book does not mean that we will not help you. After all, 
LFS is about personal preference. Being upfront about any changes to the 
established procedure helps us evaluate and determine possible causes of your 

So, users can feel free to deviate from the book, if they so wish.  I don't 
see anything in the book that prevents folks from using a different 
filesystem if they so wish (in fact, I used to build on an XFS partition for 
a long time).  Likewise, if they really need virtualization features like 
Xen, I don't see anything in the book that prevents them from running a 
kernel configured like that.  However, I'd question whether the majority of 
users really need those features and therefore its suitability to become the 
default presented in the book.

> I mean that being conservative is not always the best thing and does not
> cover the current times anyway, as already said, I think that at least
> the LFS users have the right to decide to use, examples, new HASH or a
> XEN-kernel etc...

Well, we've played around with CVS/SVN versions of upstream sources before and 
one quickly gets to a point where you end up chasing your own tail to keep 
the various toolchain and kernel packages in sync with each other to take 
advantage of all the bleeding edge features.  From the benefits reported by 
the new --hash-style option, it looks like a no-brainer to put in the book 
when upstream are confident enough to make a release with that feature in.



PS: Please read, in particular 
the bits about not top-posting and trimming your quotes.  Thanks.

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