Fighting spam via greylisting

Felix M. Palmen zirias at
Thu Apr 19 14:29:55 PDT 2007

* TheOldFellow <theoldfellow at> [20070419 20:12]:
> I don't really want to prolong this as an argument, Felix, but technical
> is only one domain of interest here.  PRACTICAL is the interesting
> aspect.  Greylisting works.

Partly, at best. The majority of spam I see here is already sent twice.
Guess why.

> From the perspective of the recipient of
> email, there is no cost.  All the cost is in the transmission of the
> email to the recipient - WHO DID NOT REQUEST IT. QED.

This is just brain-dead. If you don't want to receive mail, don't run a
mail-server. The cost for greylisting doesn't hit (in most cases) the
sender of the mail but some third-party servers. Of course this doesn't
bother /you/, but this is antisocial behaviour.

Regards, Felix

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