Fighting spam via greylisting

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Thu Apr 19 02:31:03 PDT 2007

Hallo Bruce,

* Bruce Dubbs <bruce.dubbs at> [20070408 10:28]:
> The systems is supposed to just give a temporary failure.  Standard MTAs
> are resigned to retry temporary failures.

A mailer is not required to retry after a temporary failure, the
standards just say it "should".

> Many times spammers use cut
> down mailers and don't retry.

Many spammers do just send their crap at least twice, without even
considering the server's reply. That's a direct result of people using

> That's the theory any way.  The retry
> should be transparent to the user.

It's still abusing a feature for the wrong purpose and it's also putting
load on other people's systems (queue management) for solving a local
problem (spam sent to your own host).

Regards, Felix

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