[PATCH] Speedup killproc

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at gmail.com
Mon Apr 16 21:15:17 PDT 2007

When calling killproc from a bootscript, it checks if the process is
still running before moving on. If it is still running, it sleeps for
a second and then checks again. It does this for 3 seconds by default
before considering that the kill process has failed. This happens
often and makes the shutdown process slow.

Since sleep is /bin/sleep, and we know that it can handle floating
point arguments, we can trivially change from "sleep 1" to "sleep 0.1"
just by adding one 0 to the KILLDELAY variable. There is a noticeable
difference since many daemons (dbus is an example) haven't quit by the
first time killproc checks to see if they're still running after it
sent TERM. This causes a 1 second delay, which seems far more than
necessary in my testing.

Index: bootscripts/lfs/init.d/functions
--- bootscripts/lfs/init.d/functions    (revision 8076)
+++ bootscripts/lfs/init.d/functions    (working copy)
@@ -657,11 +657,12 @@
                # Wait up to 3 seconds, for ${pid} to terminate
                case "${killsig}" in
-                       local dtime=${KILLDELAY}
+                       # sleep in 1/10ths of seconds
+                       local dtime="${KILLDELAY}0"
                        while [ "${dtime}" != "0" ]
                                kill -0 ${pid} 2>/dev/null || break
-                               sleep 1
+                               sleep 0.1
                                dtime=$(( ${dtime} - 1))
                        # If ${pid} is still running, kill it


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