Fighting spam via greylisting

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Sun Apr 8 21:51:34 PDT 2007

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
>> Digging deeper...
> Time test to lfs-dev, 0046 EDT - please ignore

This one came through right away. There was a user subscribed to 
alfs-discuss and lfs-support that was using an unresolvable domain. 
Mailman was attempting to deliver to this user twice every thirty 
seconds, and the postfix mail queue was filled with mail headed for this 

Forcibly removing the user from the lists and restarting postfix and 
mailman _seems_ to have fixed the issue. Although why one unresolvable 
domain was causing so much trouble, I'm not sure. I'm looking into it 


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