Fighting spam via greylisting

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Sun Apr 8 13:26:33 PDT 2007

TheOldFellow wrote:
> I have had two instances where a big server farm insisted on sending
> the retrys from many different IPs.  This can confuse some greylisters -
> glst/xmail has a method of handling this, but it needs careful setup.
> The culprit is gmail/googlemail!!  I expect the postgrey system that
> LFS is using also has these controls, if not, that is a worry.

Postgrey does, indeed have a control. Postgrey comes with two 
whitelists. One is a list of users that you never want greylisted (the 
default file has abuse@* and postmaster@* in it) and the other is a list 
of senders that need special handling. Google's mail farm is one such 
instance that appears in the default file.

> The logs
> will tell, but that's a chore.  As with all mailserver management, the
> secret is in proper log analysis.

Yes. And it's easy to disable at any time, should we need to.


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