[new XSL] Ready for inputs.

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Apr 8 12:10:37 PDT 2007

M.Canales.es wrote:

>> 1.  The font on the headers doesn't seem right.  Most of the text is
>> standard serif fonts (computer modern?).  That looks fine.  The headers
>> are sans-serif and bold.  The bold seems a little too wide.
> My acroreader say that the used ones are this
> Arial-BoldMT 
> TimesNewRomanPSMT 
> TimesNewRomanPS-ItalicMT 
> TimesNewRomanPS-BoldMT 
> Courier-Bold 
> Courier 
> Courier-Oblique 
> Courier-BoldOblique

Is this a function of the reader's system or the system that renders the
pdf.  I thought the actual fonts used were enclosed in the file.  I'm
not 100% sure though.

>> 2.  The highlighted text has borders that seem a little heavy.  The
>> notes have borders that are light gray.  'Important' and 'Caution' areas
>> have the heavy border too.  Perhaps removing the border completely from
>> the gray backgrounds and using the light gray border for all the light
>> yellow backgrounds would give a better visual appearance.
>  The colors and border are the same than the ones used on the XHTML output. 
> The border could be changed from 1pc to 0.5pc to make ir less heavy, but in 
> resume I would to have the same look in both versions.

0.5pc?  I think that's a pica which is
  1 PostScript pica = 4.23333333 millimeters

I don't think the borders are that thick--at least not on my system.  My
estimate is about 1 mm.   Are you sure that's not the margin?

Where is the border specified?  Perhaps we could do some preprocessing
for the pdf.

  -- Bruce

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