Fighting spam via greylisting

Randy McMurchy randy at
Sun Apr 8 07:17:03 PDT 2007

Jeremy Huntwork wrote these words on 04/07/07 20:40 CST:

> I tried a Postfix implementation called Postgrey on my own personal
> server and the results were very good. (See
> Based on those results it was decided
> to implement this service on Quantum.

Who decided?

Were things so bad this had to happen? I am against it. I have not
been receiving significant spam mail to my LFS account. And we only
had two recent episodes of spam reaching Trac stuff.

The reason I'm against it is because of the complications that may
happen (Jeremy already described, and the solution is to send an
email to some private address which isn't even listed, you have to
kind of figure it out and hope you guess the domain name correctly;
a month from know, is anyone going to have a clue what the hell that
email addy was?), and Richards statement of "I also may have lost
some important emails, but I'll never know".

Oh well, just my two cents. However, as this was decided outside
the community, by who knows, I don't expect a reply, just wanted
to chime in.


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