Glibc-2.4 / kernel-headers

Joe Ciccone jciccone at
Mon Sep 18 16:13:27 PDT 2006

Ken Moffat wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 18, 2006 at 10:05:08PM +0200, Thomas Trepl wrote:
>>> ... Next major change will be the kernel headers.
>>> That's another discussion, though.
>> I think we should start it!  IMHO the -rc7 is what we can expect in 2.6.18. 
>> With the -rc7, I actually built a system on my laptop (500MHz-PIII yawn!). On 
>> my server, an installation using -rc5 is up and running (KDE, cdrtools, 
>> sound, Samba, Apache, PostgreSQL, xine, etc.pp...)
>  I'm just catching up on today's lkml, and almost the first mail was
> a reply to a mail from last week saying that most arches fail the
> validation (i.e. they include headers which aren't exported), saying
> that there are even more problems - from the sound of it. x86 is one
> of the problem arches.  I'm sure that this will be fixed eventually,
> but I think Linus needs a lot of persuasion that the headers matter,
> so 2.6.18 might have problems.
>  But thanks for the encouraging news that a desktop can be built
> with those headers!  Using the in-kernel headers is on my list of
> things to try once we've got CLFS-1.0 out.
I tested the in kernel headers on mips/alpha/sparc. There were a lot of
problems. silo and aboot didn't want to build right. The build had so
many errors in it, on all 3 of the archs, That I just walked away. I did
have a succesful build on x86 and x86_64. I didn't test arm or hppa.

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