Sysvinit - modified init.c "sending all processes" string

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Wed Sep 13 10:02:00 PDT 2006

I'm not sure if it's been mentioned in this thread, so just in case it 

If you read the portion of code in src/init.c that deals with the 
killing of processes, you can see (well "can see" is a relative term. 
You need to know a bit of C code to understand it, and I very well can 
have gotten it wrong too when I originally wrote that modification) init 
  will be sending the TERM and KILL signals to its direct children.

Anything started by init itself should fall under this category. In 
effect, any program that is started through /etc/inittab will be killed 
if it's still running. This includes the once, respawn, and other 
categories of /etc/inittab entries.

Gerard Beekmans

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