Dead Project? (I hope not)

Richard Downing richard at
Sun Aug 20 07:17:17 PDT 2006

Randy McMurchy wrote:
The entire LFS project seems to be in the toilet. Am I the only one
that thinks this?


Am I over reacting?


Is there anyone else concerned about the health of the project?


Despite the fact that I have stopped using it myself, and no longer make
comments on the lists (today is an exception, i.e. what rules are for),
I still think that 'rolling your own' is the only way to really
understand UNIX.  You learn far more in a week of building LFS/BLFS than
you will get from installing Ubuntu from LiveCD in a lifetime.

There is a place for Ubuntu, it's for people who don't need to
understand, 'cos they have support teams, or they only want a working
email/wp/web system.  It also helps wean the faint-hearted off Windows.

The big problem is that a lot of the old problems have now been solved.
Five years ago, building LFS took a lot of guts, and it was complicated,
and because the toolchain was weak, it broke a lot and you needed to
think hard (and talk on the lists hard too) to fix it.  Now we have
almost foolproof scripts and a toolchain that's rock solid, so the
support questions are all RTFMs.  Where is the challenge?

Even the actual book editing isn't as difficult as once it was.  Good
XML has taken all the struggle out of even that.

I went over to CLFS for a while, and it's good, very good, but it isn't
a big stretch, there isn't really an intellectual 'voyage of discovery'
there any more.

So I think the project needs a challenge.  Trouble is I can't think what
it is!

Blessings and peace,

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