Lennon Cook maguswizardo at
Mon Oct 31 16:58:56 PST 2005

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> I don't see how PREFIX is set.   When I look at configure,  thee is the
> code:
> Secondly, can I use this file to do more than define prefix and the
> other directories?  For instance, in KDE, I would like to automatically
> define --enable-final --disable-debug and
> --disable-dependency-tracking for configure in all the KDE packages.  I
> don't see a way to do this using
> Am I missing something?  If we need to specify something on the
> ./configure line, we might as well list all the items we are configuring.
The idea of it is that the options to configure simply cause it to set
some vars. To find the right values for everything, configure parses
the command line options, then parses, then applies it's
defaults. is just a shell script. So, we can set
*anything* in, so long as we know the appropriate var to
set. According to the docs, this is usually found by taking the
./configure option, removing the leading '--', and turning all other
hyphens into underscores. So, to set the prefix we would have
'prefix=/usr'. Except that that would override anything we've passed
directly to ./configure, so we would actually do 'test prefix=NONE &&
prefix=/usr'. For the others, I think it would be 'enable_final=yes',
'enable_debug=no', and 'enable_dependancy_tracking=no' (with
appropriate tests).

Lennon Victor Cook

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