Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Sun Oct 30 07:49:55 PST 2005

Alexander Patrakov wrote:
> But now, when I try to implement, this hits some
> inconsistencies in the book (e.g. sometimes --build is passed to
> packages configured with --prefix=/tools, sometimes not). So my attempt
> to implement it tends to end up with something that is different from
> both books, which is probably not acceptable. The difference is,
> supposedly, only in flags that are ignored by the ./configure scripts,
> but that needs to be validated. I have no 64-bit machine, so I can't do
> this validation.
> Thus, I have reverted my attempt to utilize Sorry.

Well, for that matter, the build instructions that are currently in the
LiveCD scripts don't match the Cross-LFS book either. There are a few
things that were adjusted and tweaked to fit our own needs. Thomas could
give you more details there.

In any case, are you asking that Cross-LFS investigate the idea of using a for their build?


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