Matthew Burgess matthew at
Sat Oct 29 11:12:34 PDT 2005

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:

> The question is whether "both" or "none" is the correct answer. AFAIK 
> there are no hosts in the real world that don't understand "tail -1", 
> and the new version of coreutils says that disallowing this syntax was a 
> mistake.

And that's my understanding too.  I should be able to update the book to 
coreutils-5.92 tonight or tomorrow.  As far as I can recall, the build 
has never failed due to POSIX incompatibilities, and therefore I never 
did understand why the patch was ever used.  Once the coreutils upgrade 
goes into LFS and cross-lfs, I'd strongly encourage cross-lfs to drop 
the patch.



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