Suggestion for Cross-LFS doc.

Duncan Webb duncan-lfs at
Fri Oct 28 01:40:52 PDT 2005

Would it make sense to you guys to change section 5.4. Build Variables a 

I would suggest:
1) Swap Configuration #1 and #2 around because the table belongs at #1.
2) Change the text a tiny bit from "Creating different architecture 
tools" to "If the build target is on a different architecture", etc.
3) Add something about the implication of this because it determines if 
you are going to boot or chroot.

I think that you can only chroot if the target system's /bin/bash and 
/bin/env can be executed by the host system. Otherwise a you need to 
follow the steps in  7. If You Are Going to Boot

 From what I have figured out is that chroot is easier because the host 
system it still available and therefore X-windows, Firefox, etc are 
there to carry on reading the book.

Hope that this make sense.


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