Version 7.0-cross-lfs-20051024-x86_64 missing section

Jim Gifford lfs at
Wed Oct 26 08:37:51 PDT 2005

Duncan Webb wrote:

> I think that there is a missing section in 11.9. The Bash Shell 
> Startup Files, there doesn't seem to be anywhere that the PATH is set.

That is correct

> In chapter 7. If You Are Going to Boot section 7.14. Setting Up the 
> Environment the PATH is written but never gets overridden.

Explain what you mean. When you boot into the cross-lfs, this will setup 
you PATH to what is needed to complete to book.

> At least I can't find where it gets reset *and* I think that this 
> applies also the LFS 6.1

Does not apply to LFS 6.1

> There is a slight conflict with groups, sshd uses group 50 but 50 has 
> been assigned to operator in chapter 8.8. Creating the passwd, group, 
> and log Files.

BLFS is not supportomg cross-lfs, we have followed our own path on this 
for the time being.

> Regards,
> Duncan

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