login.defs in 10.44 Shadow-4.0.13

Duncan Webb duncan-lfs at linuxowl.com
Tue Oct 25 01:06:27 PDT 2005

etc/login.defs.linux seems to have been renamed to etc/login.defs, 
therefore the build for Shadow-4.0.13 fails on the sed command that 
generates /etc/login.defs in chapter 10.44. Shadow-4.0.13. This is a 
change between 12 and 13

should be:
sed -e's@#MD5_CRYPT_ENAB.no at MD5_CRYPT_ENAB yes@' \
    -e 's@/var/spool/mail@/var/mail@' \
    etc/login.defs > /etc/login.defs


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