Version 7.0-cross-lfs-20051023-x86_64

Duncan Webb duncan-lfs at
Mon Oct 24 23:08:15 PDT 2005

Ken Moffat wrote:

> On Mon, 24 Oct 2005, Duncan Webb wrote:
>> 9.4. Expect-5.43.0
>> I think the configure line should be:
>> CC="gcc ${BUILD64}" ./configure --prefix=/tools --with-tcl=/tools/lib \
>>  --with-tclinclude=$TCLPATH --with-x=no
>> because the tools have not yet been built to default to 64bit.
>  No, in the previous section where you build tcl you should have used 
> a sed on to force lib64, and also passed 
> --libdir=/tools/lib64.
> But please read the rest of my reply!

There is no sed nor --libdir=/tools/lib64 in the pure64 book in chapter 
9. Constructing a Temporary Tools in the pure book.

>> 10.3. Glibc-20050926
>> Got an error during make check, did make install and then make check 
>> again, the check had no error after the install, odd behaviour.
>  Your *next* point, and the absence of 32-bit in this package name, 
> make me think you've switched to pure64 (x86_64-64) AFTER following 
> the multilib book in the initial chapters.  Perhaps, you came back to 
> it and mixed the different architectures ?

I've only build the pure64 section and not the multilib, I'm certain of 
this. I have as far as I know followed the book to the letter but it is 
easy to miss a line even when double checking everything. I have been 
really careful and triple check the early stages, put the commands into 
a build script and checked them before running the script.

>  FWIW, in 20050926 64-bit I see *an* error (in wcsmbs, from memory - 
> my logs are on another box).  Haven't tried running check after 
> installing the 64-bit libc, but the error seems to have gone in last 
> week's snapshot.  For 32-bit libc I'm getting a mass of errors in make 
> check, but nobody else has commented on them, so it could be an error 
> in my buildscripts.

I think that was where it was too.

>> Hope this helps
>> 10.5. Binutils-2.16.1
>> I'm getting there errors which running check, any idea what I should do?
>> Running 
>> /sources/binutils-2.16.1/ld/testsuite/ld-bootstrap/bootstrap.exp ...
>> FAIL: bootstrap
>> FAIL: bootstrap with strip
>> FAIL: bootstrap with --traditional-format
>> FAIL: bootstrap with --no-keep-memory
>> FAIL: bootstrap with --relax
>> Running /sources/binutils-2.16.1/ld/testsuite/ld-cdtest/cdtest.exp ...
>> FAIL: cdtest
>> FAIL: cdtest with -Ur
>  In pure64 (at least for x86_64-64) this seems "normal".  I spent an 
> hour or two looking at the ld test suites last week after confirming 
> that multilib passes all of the binutils tests, but so far I haven't 
> even identified what is failing, or why.

Most likely an error in the test scripts, as all the subsequent builds 
have and their tests have succeeded without errors.

>  Hopefully, I won't offend you when I say that you need to follow ONE 
> architecture (multilib, or pure64) at a time, and when I point out 
> that pure64 on amd64 works reasonably well _except_ for grub, and that 
> multilib x86_64 has some issues with perl (see Ryan's reply to me last 
> week on this list).

I'm not at all offended, my goal is only to help by reporting any errors 
that I came across. I wont report an error unless I'm pretty certain and 
checked the step and previous steps.

Initially, I started from a gentoo 64 system, then build a LFS 6.1 
system straight from the book and now the pure64 system, using the LFS 
6.1 as the host system. (The gentoo system wouldn't build the glibc in 
chapter 5, it think it was failing in the nscd directory). I've run all 
the checks for each of the builds, when they exist. I did delete the 
/tools and /cross-tools directories and cleaned up the /sources 
directory between attempts.

The only thing that I did was to follow the steps in chapter 7. If You 
Are Going to Boot and then successfully rebooted but didn't carry 
building from there as it's hard to read from one screen and type to 
another, instead I rebooted again into gentoo and then followed the 
steps in chapter 8 If You Are Going to Chroot, then it's easy to copy 
and paste the instructions into a build script.

Everything so far is working fine and many thanks for all the hard work.


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