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M.Canales.es manuel at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Oct 24 12:39:28 PDT 2005

El Lunes, 17 de Octubre de 2005 21:53, Jeremy Huntwork escribió:
> Seth W. Klein wrote:
> >     case $i in *groff)
> Manuel, do you mind if we switch over to this method of string
> comparisons in jhalfs? David's method is nice, but the syntax Seth
> suggests is easier to read and doesn't result in forks. Also it doesn't
> require a specific string format.

The method implemented few minutes ago is based on that, but instead to change 
all "if" to "case" a function based in "case" string text has been added and 
that function is used inside the "if".

_IS_()  # Function to test build scripts names
  # Returns substr $2 or null str
  # Must use string testing
  case $1 in
    *$2*) echo "$2" ;;
       *) echo ""   ;;

    if [[ `_IS_ $i adjusting` ]] ; then

IMHO, that is the more cleanest, readable and portable solution.

Many thanks for your inputs,  especially to George B. for send to me several 
different implementations and solutions, included that.

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