curious almost circular install

Greg Schafer gschafer at
Fri Oct 21 21:58:41 PDT 2005

Doug Ronne wrote:

> I can't get used to vim, and use emacs.  So my host system has emacs.
> I only once managed to hack the gettext configure to not believe emacs
> existed, so it always tries to compile lisp support or some such and
> always fails if I don't have emacs in my toolchain, but do have it on
> my host.

The requirement to install Gettext in LFS Chapter 5 is very questionable.

In the beginning it was added solely to satisfy the Ch 6 Glibc build. It
was later realized that only 1 program from Gettext (msgfmt) is actually
needed to satisfy Glibc. (Sidenote: Glibc will still happily build without
msgfmt albeit with slight loss of functionality).

The LFS Ch 5 Gettext installation has always been problematic because the
Gettext configure scripts go looking for stuff on the host. Java, C-Sharp
and Emacs spring to mind.

The solution is to install only a minimal Gettext (ie: msgfmt). It solves
all of the above problems. Below is how I've been doing it in the DIY
build for ages (adapted for LFS) and it has proved to be robust:

  cd gettext-tools
  ./configure --prefix=/tools --disable-shared
  make -C lib
  make -C src msgfmt
  cp -v src/msgfmt /tools/bin

I highly recommend that LFS adopt something similar to the above.


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