curious almost circular install

Doug Ronne vextorspace at
Thu Oct 20 15:21:07 PDT 2005

I can't get used to vim, and use emacs.  So my host system has emacs.
I only once managed to hack the gettext configure to not believe emacs
existed, so it always tries to compile lisp support or some such and
always fails if I don't have emacs in my toolchain, but do have it on
my host.  So I've taken to compiling ncurses before gettext so that I
can install emacs.  But now the cvs emacs requires texinfo, which I
had been leaving off my temporary tools.  So I guess I have to install
texinfo to install emacs to install gettext but texinfo requires
gettext!  wee!!!

My solution so far has been to install a non-functional emacs.  It
doesn't complain about texinfo not being there in chapter 5, and I
wait to install emacs in chapter 6 until after texinfo.


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