Cross-LFS multilib - perl

Ken Moffat ken at
Thu Oct 20 05:02:33 PDT 2005

On Thu, 20 Oct 2005, Ryan Oliver wrote:

> example patch for x86_64 lib64 attached (rename it to something
> appropriate)
    Thanks, I'll play with one of those later.

> Just thought I'd pipe up here... what use is there having both 32 and
> 64bit modules created if you are only going to be able to use either a
> 32 or 64bit perl?

    That was going to be later question, after I got my lib64 install to do 
the right thing.

> Indeed, if you attempt to build 32bit modules down the track with a
> 64bit perl they wont get used (if the above fix is implemented) or will
> not work (if they are installed to the same location as the 64bit ones).
> Also you will pickup the wrong install locations from the 64bit perl,
> pick up wrong library paths to use etc, run perl Makefile.PL on any
> additional module and you'll see what I mean...
> You need to keep both perl binaries.
> I have been using a binary wrapper to be able to host two versions of
> perl/python/whatever you want, by renaming the perl binary to perl-32 or
> perl-64 and creating a perl -> wrapper_binary symlink. The wrapper
> checks an environment variable then runs the appropriate perl binary.
> (NOTE: wrapper has to be a binary, not a shell wrapper, or else perl
> scripts break when invoked).

    OK, thanks.  I saw your wrapper script before, but didn't understand 
it.  I've got wrapper.c now, will have to take a look at this.

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