lib lib32 lib64 in LFS 7 x86_64_multilib

Ryan Oliver ryan.oliver at
Sat Oct 15 18:56:45 PDT 2005

On Thu, 2005-10-13 at 16:57 +0100, Ken Moffat wrote:

>   But for the moment I'm stuckin conventional multilib at the temporary 
> gcc (32-bit overwriting the 64-bit, no doubt I broke 
> something in my scripts earlier).  So, for the moment, anybody who wants 
> to install into /lib (64-bit) and /lib32 on x86_64 will have to try it 
> for themselves.  I'm sure there will be a lot of interest (if only 
> because it makes blfs so much easier), but playing with glibc and gcc 
> has a very steep learning curve and is pretty much guaranteed to cause 
> pain unless you already understand the toolchain in depth.


Greetings again all,

Thought I better pop in again for a bit to lot y'all know I'm not dead
( I just smell funny ).

I've been meaning to get back onto this exact problem now for about 2
months but work pressures have sidelined me rather heavily. Hopefully in
the next month once I clear some of the projects I'm working on I'll
finish this off, as I dont just want to be able to have the option of
lib/lib32/lib64, but to allow us to follow, say, the route the debian
folk may be taking ( /tgt-triple/lib , /usr/tgt-triple/lib for each
supported arch).

For blfs I have built quite a range of packages for multilib, but it can
be a little fun, you do need a binary wrapper for quite a few things
where you must have both the 32 and 64bit binaries (eg perl/python) or
shell scripts ( bin/foo-config ), as well as check installed headers are
the same ( else you need to create header stubs ).

For those interested most are in lfs-svn under
cross-lfs/scripts/untested/{blfs,kde,gnome}-scripts but may be a little
out of date (its probably been 2 months).

Anyhoo, got doco to write (on a Sunday urgh) and better get back to it
or folks wont get paid ;-)

Best Regards

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