jhalfs: Ready to go.

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at swbell.net
Fri Oct 14 08:08:07 PDT 2005

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> M.Canales.es wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I'm very happy to announce that jhalfs is now able to build a full LFS
>> SVN system (or any other LFS XML sources based in current LFS SVN) in
>> a very simple way and using the actual commands found in the XML sources.
> BTW, has anyone else tried this? Any other suggestions?

I havn't tried jhalfs yet, but as a suggestion, /etc/shadow could have a
null root password:

echo "root::::::::" > /etc/shadow

I've been putting this in my scripts for a while now.

You could also put in default files for /etc/hosts,
/etc/sysconfig/clock,/etc/sysconfig/console, /etc/sysconfig/network, and

The contents of these really don't matter that much for an initial boot,
but can be changed after the user tests the system for the first time.

/etc/fstab is a different matter.  If jhalfs could pick up a custom file
from the host system written before running, it might avoid a
post-script edit.

Grub is a bit more difficult.  I always have a separate /boot partition,
so I can just copy the kernel, System.map, and (my technique) .config,
to /boot from /mnt/lfs/path/to/file and edit /boot/grub/grub.conf (which
could be done with an append).  I generally don't reinstall grub as I am
building from a prior LFS system and the existing grub is fine.

  -- Bruce

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