FC4 host (was Re: [RFC] LFS-6.1.1)

Greg Schafer gschafer at zip.com.au
Mon Oct 10 02:32:57 PDT 2005

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:

> 5) Blacklist Fedora Core 4 since it can't build binutils.

Huh? Stable or development LFS? Could you please supply details of the
problem? Does passing --disable-werror help? Or maybe we just need to add
the required GCC4 patches to the Binutils version used in stable LFS as

I'm a bit mystified as I have received successful bootstrap reports of the
DIY build from FC4 using pretty much the same packages as current
development LFS.

Blacklisting any current distro is a major cop-out IMHO. We should be
giving top priority to fixing these kinds of host bootstrap problems.


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