glibc bug in LFS-6.1 and its nALFS profile

Jeremy Huntwork jmhuntwork at
Thu Oct 6 11:22:11 PDT 2005

Matthew Burgess wrote:
> As for the Right Thing To Do for the livecd, I think that the general 
> rule should be to follow the book wherever possible, but deal with any 
> and all errata as they become known.  Otherwise, we're effectively 
> giving folks a known broken/insecure install by default.

So, as this statement applies to the current situation and bug, are you 
saying that the LiveCD should release a 6.1-4 CD with this fix in it? If 
so, then what book and nALFS profile does the CD include? The CD itself 
would be fixed, but the instructions it provides to the user for 
building LFS would still be broken.

Unless you're resting this statement on the belief that the user will 
actually visit the LFS site, read the errata and make the necessary 
change to their build/nALFS profile...


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