glibc bug in LFS-6.1 and its nALFS profile

Steve Prior sprior at
Thu Oct 6 10:01:09 PDT 2005

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:

> Steve Prior wrote:
> Yes, my point exactly. If the bug is in LFS then *that* should be fixed 
> and released, and in turn, the LiveCD can follow suit.
> Thanks for the detailed reply, Steve.
> -- 
> JH

My concern at the moment is a practical one.  I have a machine I really want to
get installed and operational with.  Having a LiveCD with the fixed version
means the difference between the install taking a couple of hours vs taking
a whole weekend to do it manually.  I'd rather not have the different LFS subprojects
all pointing fingers at each other saying that it should get fixed there first - I
get enough of that sort of thing at my day job.  LFS is a small enough organization
that we should be able to deal with something like this without getting bogged down.


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