Cross-LFS findutils problem.

Ken Moffat ken at
Thu Oct 6 05:04:56 PDT 2005

  I've been trying to understand why the findutils testsuites were 
failing in Cross-LFS.  The first problem (the xargs suite) could be 
fixed by adding a /bin/echo symlink (we were using /tools/bin/echo when 
the test ran, and the xargs tests were rewritten for 4.2.25 - if no 
action is specified for xargs, /bin/echo is the default).  However, 
completing the xargs tests without failure meant the locate tests then 
tried to run - to cut a long story short, these tests all work if 
coreutils has been installed in the final system.

  I ran builds with our then current order, and with coreutils moved (to 
where it is in LFS) and compared the results, expecting to find a binary 
was different.  In fact, the binaries were all identical (except for the 
normal variation in a little of the libc++ stuff), but I discovered that 
the installed updatedb differed.

  Updatedb is a script. With the build order rearranged, it references 
/usr/bin/sort.  With the old build order, it references /tools/bin/sort 
which obviously only works when /tools is available.

  Fixed in r6968, users of previous builds should edit /usr/bin/updatedb 
and edit the several sort="/tools/bin/sort" lines.

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