Automatics LFS builds using jhalfs.

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at
Mon Oct 3 14:44:54 PDT 2005

> > The problem at this moment is that I can't figure yet how to manage the chroot
> > phase.
> chroot and then for each target run "chroot $(DIR) $(ENV) bash -c
> 'command1 && command2'" where $(DIR) is your mount point, ie, /mnt/lfs
> and $(ENV) is the specific environment variables you want to include.

Don't know if this works with make, but I saw a nice solution to this
problem in Greg Shafer's build system that uses Bash scripts.  In
order to continue to run as root user in the chroot, he uses:
exec su -c "${CHROOT_CMD}"
where CHROOT_CMD is something like
chroot ${DIR} ${ENV_VARS} ${the_same_script} --chroot

So, he has replaced the running script with a new one executed as
root.  In this case, you could make a target called chroot and it
would go something like
exec su -c "chroot /mnt/lfs /tools/bin/env -i \
  ${VARIABLES} make -C /tools/src chroot"

Anyway, I don't know if it would work here, but I thought that was a
cool solution.


P.S.  Sorry, Greg, if you didn't want that posted here.

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