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Mon Oct 3 10:30:01 PDT 2005

El Lunes, 3 de Octubre de 2005 00:52, Jeremy Huntwork escribió:

> This should be very easy, especially considering you've already
> accomplished a similar feat when su-ing as 'lfs'. All you would need to
> do is make sure that the proper kernfs and dev structure is in place in
> chroot and then for each target run "chroot $(DIR) $(ENV) bash -c
> 'command1 && command2'" where $(DIR) is your mount point, ie, /mnt/lfs
> and $(ENV) is the specific environment variables you want to include.

I see that you go ahead and made some improvements and bugs fixes. Not 
revised/tested yet, but in the commits look very nice. I'm very happy to see 
you doing some work and keeping your "child" in a sane state ;-)

Testing the new code now (i.e, rebuilding the system up to chapter05 and then 
run the chapter06 targets one-by one) to see what issues remain.

> You have a point there. Guess I was thinking of items like 'all chapter4
> chapter5 chapter6 clean-all clean' etc. Targets that you want to
> *always* run. The others that you 'touch $@' on are 'real' targets.

Point taken. That is easy to do.

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