My status

Justin R. Knierim lfs at
Mon Oct 3 00:22:03 PDT 2005

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> However, (and perhaps this demonstrates the degree to which I love this 
> project and the work), I wasn't able to keep myself away.

I am glad to have you back buddy.  Just take it easy and don't over do!  :)

> As a result, this morning I see a malicious message in my Inbox from one 
> of the team members here. It suggested that I created this notion of 
> leaving LFS as a ruse to gain more recognition and ended with the 
> comment that I 'need help'.

HA!  Sorry, but the person who sent you that message is a sad human 
being, and himself should seek help.  I am not sure how he/she would 
expect that you get more recognition because of this, only LFS members 
know that you left (I didn't see it on the TV news last week!  ;)) and 
really no one outside of LFS really would care.

Basically, there is one a**hole in every crowd.  Don't let it get to ya.


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