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Mon Oct 3 04:09:50 PDT 2005

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:

> Hello All,
> You may have noticed recently that I have been 'back' to some degree. 
> I have done some work on the LiveCD and yesterday Manuel roused my 
> attention with jhalfs and I added some edits. As I mentioned in my 
> emails before to this and other lists, I had fully intended to leave 
> LFS entirely and not return, at least not for some time.
> However, (and perhaps this demonstrates the degree to which I love 
> this project and the work), I wasn't able to keep myself away.
> As a result, this morning I see a malicious message in my Inbox from 
> one of the team members here. It suggested that I created this notion 
> of leaving LFS as a ruse to gain more recognition and ended with the 
> comment that I 'need help'.
> If it has appeared this way to anyone else, I sincerely and deeply 
> apologize, and I will do my best to stay away from LFS entirely.
> If you intend to reply to this thread, please do so without expressing 
> any sympathy and/or refrain from directing towards me any sort of 
> praise (this email was not intended to extract any such comments and 
> they would only fan the flames of the accusation).
> -- 
> JH

I personally dont think you should stay away from the list against your 
wishes. Its a free world and many people have left and rejoined this and 
many other lists. The private post to you only shows the true state of 
that persons mental health.

As requested I am not heaping on any praise regardless of how I feel.

Shane Shields

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