Automatics LFS builds using jhalfs.

Vincent Fretin vincent.fretin at
Mon Oct 3 00:01:35 PDT 2005

Sorry in advance for the reply, I use the lfs-digest. And sorry for my
poor english too. :)

jhalfs is interresting.
I made a similar project which use a modified garnome/lnx-bbc scripts.
One Makefile per package, it works with cookies to know which steps
are made and create a tar.7z package for the distribution Hedinux
(, it's a young project.
There is the possiblitity to not create a package and to install directly.
See (in french)
and specialy in
english with some sentences in french, sorry, but IMO you sould
understand the concept. :) (in french, but
you can understand, it's in majority codes and commands)
I have recently modified my Makefiles to compile with gcc 4.0.1, in
fact we can choose to compile with gcc3 or gcc4, I have not tested
gcc4 yet, but it should work. This project is a simple LFS for the
base system, I synchronise the Makefiles with LFS SVN book every week.
It should be easy to modify the Makefiles to compile for other
architecture like ppc, but I have not ppc at home.
The interesting directories are hedgar/tmpsys/, hedgar/chroot/ and hedgar/base/
You should look how I've made the chroot step.

I'm happy if it can help you.
Vincent Fretin

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