Automatics LFS builds using jhalfs.

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Sun Oct 2 23:40:37 PDT 2005

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:

> wrote:
>> El Domingo, 2 de Octubre de 2005 17:35, Jeremy Huntwork escribió:
>>> Wow, you've really taken my idea and run with it. ;) It looks nice, 
>>> just
>>> where I would have (probably) gone myself. I'll have to get some 
>>> time to
>>> sit down and really look it over.
>> Thanks, and very happy to read to you :-)
>> The problem at this moment is that I can't figure yet how to manage 
>> the chroot phase.
> This should be very easy, especially considering you've already 
> accomplished a similar feat when su-ing as 'lfs'. All you would need 
> to do is make sure that the proper kernfs and dev structure is in 
> place in chroot and then for each target run "chroot $(DIR) $(ENV) 
> bash -c 'command1 && command2'" where $(DIR) is your mount point, ie, 
> /mnt/lfs and $(ENV) is the specific environment variables you want to 
> include.
>> Due that this is a linear build where each step depend on the proper 
>> execution of the previous one, I can't think in this momment on any 
>> cadidate target for .PHONY.
> You have a point there. Guess I was thinking of items like 'all 
> chapter4 chapter5 chapter6 clean-all clean' etc. Targets that you want 
> to *always* run. The others that you 'touch $@' on are 'real' targets.
>> The rebuild from/up-to one child target can be achieved also removing 
>> the relevant $JHSLFSDIR/???-* files and touching the remaining ones. 
> Good to know.
> -- 
> JH

I do have a script for automated builds that can work for just about any
self build linux's. I have addressed and I believe solved the above
points. If you are interested I can mail them to you for perusal. It is
however slanted toward rpm package management but you should get some ideas.

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