Automatics LFS builds using jhalfs.

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Sun Oct 2 15:52:48 PDT 2005 wrote:
> El Domingo, 2 de Octubre de 2005 17:35, Jeremy Huntwork escribió:
>>Wow, you've really taken my idea and run with it. ;) It looks nice, just
>>where I would have (probably) gone myself. I'll have to get some time to
>>sit down and really look it over.
> Thanks, and very happy to read to you :-)
> The problem at this moment is that I can't figure yet how to manage the chroot 
> phase.

This should be very easy, especially considering you've already 
accomplished a similar feat when su-ing as 'lfs'. All you would need to 
do is make sure that the proper kernfs and dev structure is in place in 
chroot and then for each target run "chroot $(DIR) $(ENV) bash -c 
'command1 && command2'" where $(DIR) is your mount point, ie, /mnt/lfs 
and $(ENV) is the specific environment variables you want to include.

> Due that this is a linear build where each step depend on the proper execution 
> of the previous one, I can't think in this momment on any cadidate target 
> for .PHONY.

You have a point there. Guess I was thinking of items like 'all chapter4 
chapter5 chapter6 clean-all clean' etc. Targets that you want to 
*always* run. The others that you 'touch $@' on are 'real' targets.

> The rebuild from/up-to one child target can be achieved also removing the 
> relevant $JHSLFSDIR/???-* files and touching the remaining ones. 

Good to know.


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