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Sun Oct 2 10:03:53 PDT 2005

El Domingo, 2 de Octubre de 2005 18:45, Joshua Murphy escribió:

> hmm ... would it work to make a "Stage 2" script that's simply called
> as the command to execute through chroot? ... i'm not much of a
> developer, but i've looked at building my own scripts before, and i've
> considered a lot of little things like this one, just never tested
> them ... i'm planning on starting a build tuesday morning with this
> script ...

Yes, maybe some type of wrapper could be needed.

> also, it would be interesting to see a tool that could do the same
> parsing, but instead of a build, put together the nALFS profile for
> the given copy of the book ... seems like it may save the nALFS team
> some work in the long run, as long as the books format doesn't change
> much anyways ... but now i'm just rambling ... :)

Well, that could be very nice but can't be done (or will be very very 
difficult) with the current book's sources. 

The problem is that there is no easy way to map a plain flow of characters 
(the ones inside the [screen][userinput] ... [/userinput][/screen] tags in 
the book sources) to the combo on xml tags, attributes and strings needed by 
nALFS profiles. 

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