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El Sábado, 1 de Octubre de 2005 23:49, Ken Moffat escribió:

>   There is a slight difficulty with starting at binutils in Contructing a
> Temporary System - we only build binutils and gcc once and we don't
> build glibc at all ;)  Realistically, the multi-arch book would need
> sections added.  Also, we're using ${LFS_TARGET}-gcc and friends - it
> doesn't feel right to specify LFS_TARGET in a native build, and there
> are config.cache things that are only needed in a cross-compile.

Yes, the creation of the temporally tools must be different on both sets of 

>   I'm all in favour of extending the platforms that people can reliably
> use for LFS, but I don't see tangible gains - as I read your proposal,
> there would be two books with a common source. Users might be attracted
> by not having to cross-compile, but equally they might think that issues
> in "cross-lfs" were unrelated to their "multi-arch lfs".

I see a common sources, but two differen projects with their own rendering 
books pulled from that sources: multi-arch books in LFS and cross-build books 
in Cross-LFS.

>   I'm also a little worried that rendering the book will become unwieldy.
> It already strains my patience ;)

If you are rendering/validating all book each time that you made a little 
change in the sources, yes, the process is very long.

But if the change you made only affect some archs, you can validate/render 
only that books (for example, mips ands mips64) adding "ARCH=mips mips64" to 
the make command.

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