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Ken Moffat ken at
Sat Oct 1 14:49:17 PDT 2005

On Sat, 1 Oct 2005, Jim Gifford wrote:

> Manuel and LFS-dev,
>    I have been thinking about this for a few days. Cross-LFS has two 
> different options in it, boot and chroot. Boot is a complete reboot and 
> chroot is like the standard LFS book. Talking with various people, an idea 
> popped into my mind. Having two separate books, Cross-LFS with the 
> cross-tools and boot section and a version of the old Multi-Arch LFS book 
> which would have the cross-tools section remove and utilizing the chroot 
> section.
  Actually, to get to x86_64 from x86 I take a slightly different path - 
cross-compile from x86, cross-compile a non-modular kernel [ because the 
x86 modutils are going to be used ], reboot to the new kernel (64-bit 
kernel, i686 userspace) and then chroot.

> The only downfall I see of this idea, is the book rendering issues. Is it 
> possible just to render the complete book as it is now, and then make new 
> index pages with the sections listed as above?

  There is a slight difficulty with starting at binutils in Contructing a 
Temporary System - we only build binutils and gcc once and we don't 
build glibc at all ;)  Realistically, the multi-arch book would need 
sections added.  Also, we're using ${LFS_TARGET}-gcc and friends - it 
doesn't feel right to specify LFS_TARGET in a native build, and there 
are config.cache things that are only needed in a cross-compile.

> What type of modifications would we need to do accomplish this?
> Would LFS benefit from this? (I say yes)
> Please express your thoughts and even pose questions.

  I'm all in favour of extending the platforms that people can reliably 
use for LFS, but I don't see tangible gains - as I read your proposal, 
there would be two books with a common source. Users might be attracted 
by not having to cross-compile, but equally they might think that issues 
in "cross-lfs" were unrelated to their "multi-arch lfs".

  I'm also a little worried that rendering the book will become unwieldy. 
It already strains my patience ;)

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