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Jim Gifford lfs at
Sat Oct 1 12:03:54 PDT 2005

Manuel and LFS-dev,
    I have been thinking about this for a few days. Cross-LFS has two 
different options in it, boot and chroot. Boot is a complete reboot and 
chroot is like the standard LFS book. Talking with various people, an 
idea popped into my mind. Having two separate books, Cross-LFS with the 
cross-tools and boot section and a version of the old Multi-Arch LFS 
book which would have the cross-tools section remove and utilizing the 
chroot section.

The only downfall I see of this idea, is the book rendering issues. Is 
it possible just to render the complete book as it is now, and then make 
new index pages with the sections listed as above?

What type of modifications would we need to do accomplish this?

Would LFS benefit from this? (I say yes)

Please express your thoughts and even pose questions.

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